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Immo-Monitoring 2015: with the new App also available on your mobile device.

Property market analyses, always and everywhere.

In future, the Immo-Monitoring will not only be published as a book but will also be available to subscribers as an App.


Always up-to-date

In addition to the main releases, an update on key market developments and a special research study will be published each winter and summer.


As usual

The most comprehensive publication on the Swiss property market.


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The Immo-Monitoring is available in German and French.

GeoInfo: impressive data range

GeoInfo is an interactive web application for location and property market analysis. Based on Google Maps, it offers direct access to Wüest & Partner's comprehensive databases.

New features of version 3.6:

  • Analysis functions are available for the socio-demographic modules «age structure», «household structure» and «country of origin and nationality».
  • The new module «Development sites» can be licensed.
  • The page layout has been adjusted so that a larger map area can be used.

For further details and access to GeoInfo, please click here: GeoInfo

23. OCT 2014  Immo-Monitoring 2015

Die Herbstausgabe des Immo-Monitorings 2015 ist erschienen. Das Standardwerk zum Immobilien- und Baumarkt Schweiz kann auch online bestellt werden.

Immo-Monitoring 2015/1

Online bestellen

08. OCT 2014  New publication: Global Property Market 2014/2

The Global Property Market report offers a summary of trends in the real estate markets of the world's major regions. This publication presents a twice-yearly analysis of the latest developments and is published in English.

Global Property Market

Euromoney 2014

Euromoney awarded Wüest & Partner «Best for Valuations in Switzerland» for 2014 in the Real Estate Advisors and Consultants category.


The Euromoney Award is based on peer evaluations and is one of the renowned prizes within the finance industry. Between 2007 and 2014, Wüest & Partner won the award several times:

4 times Best Overall Advisor in Switzerland
7 times Best for Valuations in Switzerland
4 times Best for Research in Switzerland