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GeoInfo – data range further enhanced by version 3.4.

Image GeoInfo – data range further enhanced by version 3.4.

GeoInfo is an interactive web application for location and property market analysis. Based on Google Maps, it offers direct access to Wüest & Partner's comprehensive databases.


GeoInfo also uses a close-meshed rating system to provide quality assessments of some five million residential micro-locations.




Version 3.4 incorporates a number of innovations:

  • The new version allows users to view all planned transport projects in Switzerland (public and private transport).
  • The analysis function and the Wüest & Partner micro-location profile can be exported in PDF format.
  • The analysis functions for "Real estate and construction market" and for "Planned transport projects" have been extended to include integrated median and percentile tables.


For further details and access to GeoInfo, please click here: GeoInfo