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Immo-Monitoring 2016: The summer issue has been published.

The summer issue of the Immo-Monitoring property market report has appeared.


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GeoInfo: impressive data range

GeoInfo is an interactive web application for location and property market analysis. Based on Google Maps, it offers direct access to Wüest & Partner's comprehensive databases.

GeoInfo 3.11: Advanced Analysis Functions

  • The products "Housing supply (W&P ads)" and "Market tension (search subscriptions vs. ads)" can now be licensed.
  • The search field has been expanded to include "W&P locality" and micro-location ratings relative to the municipality or smallest available macro-location (W&P locality, neighbourhood or municipality) can be shown.
  • Feedback on any topic can now be sent by e-mail to Wüest & Partner.
  • Documentation (method descriptions) on the WUPRIS reports (macro-location) can now be downloaded.

For further details and access to GeoInfo, please click here: GeoInfo


06. SEP 2016  Hotelmarkt Deutschland 2016

Hotelmarktstudie offenbart Berlin, Stuttgart und Hamburg als aussichtsreichste Tourismusregionen Deutschlands.


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05. AUG 2016  New publication: Property Market Switzerland 2016 | 3

This is a quarterly report on all Swiss real estate segments. It is available in three languages (English, German, French).

Property Market Switzerland


29. JUL 2016  Immo-Monitoring 2016 | 2 Summer-Update

Das Sommer-Update des Immo-Monitorings 2016 ist erschienen.

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27. MAY 2016  Company profile 2016/17

In our latest company profile, you can find out about the services and products offered by Wüest & Partner, its corporate principles, who its clients are, and how its partners guarantee continuity, quality and independence.

Company profile 2016/17

From Zurich to Geneva in train

Take a seat in the railway locomotive and drive in 9 minutes from Zurich to Geneva while observing the changes in housing rents. Where do you pay the most for a rental apartment? Where can you still live really cheap? Take a look for yourself:

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